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What is the best way to exercise?

The best way to exercise will depend on whether you want fat burning, fitness or muscle toning! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Nancee Reply:

    The Best Way to Exercise at Home. Getting regular exercise is one of the most important things you can do for your health. While heading to the gym is an option Detail:

  2. Jessica Reply:

    There are various ways that you can exercise like running, walking or cycling as well. You can also go swimming or to the gym and it all depends on the purpose of the exercises you want to take. You can get tips on how to go about it at htt

  3. Vinnie Reply:

    The shoulder muscle, or deltoid, actually consists of three parts. Building shoulder muscles properly requires working each of these parts equally, so when developing a workout plan be sure to include exercises for each of the three. Also c… More:

  4. Erlene Reply:

    Get a stability ball. These balls can be purchased at places like WalMart. They generally cost between $10-$20 each. They may even come with a DVD, poster, and pump to blow it up. The DVD gives basic exercises that can be done while watchin… More:

  5. Brigette Reply:

    Friends! This is a common suggestion for adding fun to your exercise but beware of too much talking and too little exercise. If you can do an activity like walking where you can exercise and converse the whole time, go for it! Dancing! Here… More:

  6. Marlo Reply:

    what is resistance exercise, flexibility exercise, anaerobic exercise, and aerobic exercise?

  7. Lucrecia Reply:

    sorry, but doing sit ups isnt going to cut it! you have to add cardio to your exercise regime to slim down all over! that way you can tone up your body! Id say hit the gym, sweat it out at least 4 -5 days a week! dont forget to add resistance training to burn more fat as well! best of luck!

  8. Tiffiny Reply:

    Some great ways to work out if you have asthma are to go swimming in a pool, run on the treadmill, or go jogging. It's best to perform exercise that won't cause

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