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What is the best way to get rid of corns on your toes?

To treat toe corns trim them with a pedicure file and apply softening cream to the area Prevent them by wearing good fitting shoes Any Suggestions here?


  1. Letitia Reply:

    Modify the size of your shoes. This is the easiest way to get rid of corns. Try shoes with wider tips, taller toe boxes and those with softer surfaces to lessen friction. Detail:

  2. Wendie Reply:

    Oct 11, 2011 But remember the best way to get rid of calluses and corns is to prevent them from happening by taking care of your feet and by being smart!

  3. Kena Reply:

    Corns are a result of a structural (usually hereditary) changes in the bone. They can be accommodated by a variety of different materials as well as comfortable fitting footwear, but definitive treatment after proper evaluation by a podiatr… More:

  4. Kasha Reply:

    To get rid of corns on the toes, wear shoes that fit properly.Soak your feet and use a pumice stone to grind away dead skin. MORE? More:

  5. Ellena Reply:

    To get rid of corns on your toes, go to your local pharmacy. You can purchase medicated corn pads for your toes. Also, you can have the corns removed by your doctor. More:

  6. Adelaida Reply:

    I have dark corns on my Flops and Sandals cause of toes. How do I get rid skin tone, and it makes me not of them? Its not hard, Its just darker than my to want to wear Flip t

  7. Suanne Reply:

    Their is Dr! Scholls corn remover, works a lot like the wart remover, and you can also find some chemical peelers which wont hurt until you get past that corn, then ouch, so dont thing about cutting it off either (just incase that thought runs through your mind! Really, go treat yourself to a mani/pedi and you will be all set!Also, as another person said, yeah, basically sandpaper, you can use multiple types of rocks, or sanding pads! Which is what you will get during a mani/pedi and they will mostly remove it!Next, get some new shoes and etc to prevent new corns!

  8. Ilda Reply:

    how do u het rid of a corn on a pinky toe How can you get rid of your corns which are sitting on your hammer toes? . Best Cappuccino Coffee Machines

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