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What is the best way to train for a fight?

Training for a fight requires both cardiovascular fitness as well as strength! Hiring a trainer would be the best way to prepare! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Kim Reply:

    The Best Ways to Train for UFC. The Ultimate Fighting Championship, or UFC, is one of the premier mixed martial arts fighting associations in the world. Like in Detail:

  2. Leona Reply:

    Aug 25, 2003 A boxer must be prepared to fight with intensity, round after round. One of the best ways to condition the body for boxing is through interval

  3. Ellan Reply:

    Cage fighting is a a form of mixed martial arts where two fighters compete within an octagonal ring enclosed on its sides by a wire fence. Cage fighter Jason Hale laments that the public finds mixed martial arts to be a violent, lawless bra… More:

  4. Faith Reply:

    Dog fighting is an illegal activity, and should not be done. It is cruel to the animals involved, and many times, results in the death of one or both of the participants. If you think you want to be involved in this, look up Michael Vick. More:

  5. Dominique Reply:

    It is not good to train a pit bull to fight this a breed with a bad reputation in the first place and doing this to the dog is feeding in to the stereotype as well as guaranteeing that this dog will be put down as soon as it acts out in any… More:

  6. Imogene Reply:

    If my compatible dogs had a food fight once, will they do it again? Or can I train them to not fight? I’ve had a husky/shep mix for 3 years. I had elderly (18yo) chihuahua pas

  7. Hye Reply:

    I dont necessarily agree with that! They may not remember everything, but Id have to think they at least remembered the basics! I train in boxing! Before I ever picked up the gloves, I didnt know the first thing about fighting! After about 6 months of training I was attacked by a much larger man! I remembered all of the basics of my training! Guarding, breathing, wearing down my opponent, not losing my cool! I landed a nice right cross that knocked the guy flat on his butt before it was interrupted!

  8. Carma Reply:

    What is the best way to train a betta to fight? You can not train a Betta to fight. They do it automatically because they have evolved to chase away any possible

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