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What is the best workout to get a toned stomach?

Doing crunches on a fitness ball is a sure fire way to tone that tummy! You can find one in any fitness store, or retails stores such as Target! Some even come with instructional videos! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Kai Reply:

    Make walking part of your tummy toning regimen. Walking is one of the best exercises you can do to improve your overall fitness and to boost your metabolism to Detail:

  2. Abbey Reply:

    You will also want to read our other exercise reviews and tips. Abs – You can also tone body areas and tighten up those stomach muscles by The best way to get a toned body is to combine losing fat with building muscle.

  3. Trang Reply:

    Toning your stomach isn’t as easy at it may sound, as you have to do more than sit-ups every day. You will need to focus on healthy eating and consistent exercise. More:

  4. Marylouise Reply:

    Not Medical Advice: Toning the stomach muscles is best achieved using common, basic exercises, such as crunches, sit ups and side bends. More:

  5. Tammie Reply:

    To tone your stomach, you will need to exercise with a cardio activity and eat healthy. This will create a deficit in calories. Then, by lifting weights, and doing exercises that target your stomach, you will tone up. Look here for more inf… More:

  6. Mandi Reply:

    What’s a good workout for a flatter, toned stomach? I prefer using a palates ball, but I’ll try anything if it’s supposedly really good..

  7. Adelaida Reply:

    I personally dont buy workout dvds but my boyfriend has been training me for pretty much the same sort of thing!Try crunches where you cross your arms over your chest(like Dracula!) and tighten your core as you go up! Hold it as you count to five, then go back down! Repeat for 25 initially for a few days, then start increasing by 5 daily!With this, my boyfriend and I have already started noticing a difference, and its been about a month!That said, if videos are a MUST for you, check out bodyrock!tv! a TON of people attest to their greatness, and their videos are free!

  8. Charlette Reply:

    Cardio Exercise is the best fat burning exercise. to the dietary changes already mentioned, to flatten and tone your stomach you have to work the muscles.

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