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What is the speakers dream in Quite Night Thoughts?

Such a perspective would fit well with the final two lines of the poem, lines 7 and 8, which read, "Lowering my head/I dream that I’m home"! The lowering of the speaker’s head could be his final action before falling asleep, but from the more metaphorical view, it could be his final action before dying! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Sara Reply:

    Don't expect to cram several days worth of lessons into single night. Find a quiet room in the building and lay your materials out on a desk. Think positive thoughts before you begin studying. a list of your motivators, such as academic goals or the pursuit of a dream job. How to Get Started As a Motivational Speaker Detail:

  2. Eustolia Reply:

    There is bright-lit moonlight / So that it seems / Like frost on the ground: / Lifting my head / I watch the bright moon / Lowering my head / I dream that I’m home.

  3. Brunilda Reply:

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  4. Hye Reply:

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  5. Rosalba Reply:

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  6. Elisha Reply:

    My dream last night, your thoughts.? I had this dream last night. In the dream, my friend went back home to visit her sister. The sister is ill. At home, my friend is consider

  7. Aubrey Reply:

    Okay well, firstly, I dont think everyone (moms/and non-moms alike) are not completely aware of the financial aid available to them! Also, maybe not everyone can function on 4 hours of sleep! I know I can not! Work, school and children are a very hard thing to juggle! You may not see your children as much! Anyone who can do that successfully without feeling a little wary is superwoman! I, personally, dont think its unfair to older mothers to offer free child care for young mothers! Because, frankly, young mothers need it more! Young mothers are still trying to get on their feet, while older mothers are already standing on firm ground! Not always of course, but often!There is nothing wrong with at least starting at a community college! Then you can transfer to a 4 year college, and then to an Ivy league! Its much cheaper anyways! I think your reason for not being able to go to college is because, you said it yourself, you had bad grades before! To graduate on time, you have to stay on your school work the whole 4 years! I had my daughter at 18 years old! I went to an alternative school for a year! One semester pregnant, one semester a mother! I was in Advanced placement and gifted classes at my regular school, so it was very easy! But I ended up getting a full ride scholarship to do whatever I wish with it!I am doing successfully at a community college, and will transfer to a 4 year college when I graduate! That way, I can get a high paying job with my associates and work my way through the last 2 years!I think, many teen moms dont go to college because when you have a child, you want to be independent and FAST! And juggling work, school and children is A LOT! Some give up school, because they need to work to support their family! If you havent graduated yet, maybe you will see how hard it gets! It can be done!!! but it is very, very hard! It is easy to judge other people if you have not lived their life, and experienced their experiences!I say, whatever they do to take care of their family, kudos to them! They have made some of the biggest sacrifices known to man kind! Young mothers, and mothers in general, are the strongest people in the world!

  8. Torrie Reply:

    In the earlier poem, a young chimney sweeper recounts a dream had by one of his fellows, an apparently adult speaker encounters a child chimney sweeper abandoned in the snow And so he was quiet; and that very night, . Enitharmon's Joy · Newton · Nebuchadnezzar · Illustrations for Night Thoughts · The Four and

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