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Can ghosts make you feel like you have the flu?

Rumor has it that ghosts can make you sick, especially with a flu like feeling! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Sharita Reply:

    It's frightening to think an unseen entity can do you harm. Ring a bell whenever you feel threatened or whenever you feel like hearing its pleasant sound. 2 Source:

  2. Teresa Reply:

    I have to mention that I a skeptic, yet I do believe in ghosts. That night I started feeling really sick and had to leave with a fever of 102. I have heard of mold causing flu like symptoms and I may have been more IP. yes it can make you sick i have gotten sick at a 1800’s house its possible believe me

  3. Fae Reply:

    There are lots of ways to just feel better when it’s cold and flu season again. Though there isn’t yet a cure, there are things you can do to just feel better, and lessen the length and severity. Here’s what I do to help myself… Source:

  4. Kenisha Reply:

    The flu is a virus-borne ailment that generally is more severe than a cold. Unlike colds, a vaccine may prevent the flu, because the number of viruses that cause influenza are far fewer than those that trigger colds. Symptoms of the flu inc… Source:

  5. Caprice Reply:

    You have no idea where you caught it, but it doesn’t matter since you haven’t the energy to get mad at the culprit responsible for sharing the gift that keeps on giving–the flu. What’s a flu sufferer to do? Take the advice of those who hav… Source:

  6. Corrinne Reply:

    I can feel ghosts and peoples pain sometimes; What does this make me researcher and I need a? I’m training to be a paranormal group in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area…Does a

  7. Nohemi Reply:

    The crazy thoughts/fears of going crazy etc do abate eventually, quicker than youd think! Actually I even taunt myself with stupid thoughts now when Im bored lol! The DP should abate pretty soon as well, for me it took about 2 weeks for my DP to stop being chronic, but I still get small blips of it! Unfortunately the DR stays!!! for now! But people recover after however many months or sometimes years or whatever, so however long you have it have hope! People dont understand how f*cking awful DP/DR feels unless they have it, because people affected by it can still act so normal! I find it absolutely insane that this is viewed as a minor symptom in psychiatry!EDIT: To Truthe: you are an idiot, period! Marijuana is the most common cause for this condition! Theres even a movie about this called Numb, about someone who gets this from smoking cannabis! You have no idea what youre talking about!DOUBLE EDIT: You are BEYOND an idiot! This is the third most common psychiatric symptom and believe what you want, but MARIJUANA DOES TRIGGER THIS IN ***MANY*** PEOPLE! I take it you must smoke marijuana to be so blatantly in denial that this can happen!!! maybe it will happen to you one day!TRIPLE EDIT: I came back to check this question again and I cant believe the nastiness Im seeing!!! I feel ill to be the same species as some of the other people who have answered this question, especially Ex Pot Head! That level of ignorance is blinding; why the hell would so many people make this up?????? Do you really think anyone gives two sh!ts whether marijuana is legal or not???? I was 100% pro legalisation before this happened, I have never used any drugs EVER in my life except marijuana and of course alcohol! Just google depersonalization cannabis to get a GLIMPSE of how many people get this from pot! To call out everyone who has this condition as false because theyre anti-marijuana shows an arrogance I rarely encounter even on the internet! God rest your soul!

  8. Latesha Reply:

    No, there are no such things as ghosts. However, there have been reports by those who claimed to have been in contact with the supernatural world, and they have felt ill during How do flu microbes make you feel ill? What monkey like?

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