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Can I catch the swine flu?

Every human is susceptible to be contagious of swine flu! Anyone can catch, even you! Ask away! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Kirstie Reply:

    Close proximity to other people will heighten your chances of to get swine flu. Swine flu can be deadly, and it is imperative to get to a physician immediately if Source:

  2. Dayle Reply:

    No. Though you cannot get the swine flu from someone who has been vaccinated for it, you can still catch it from someone else. The swine flu is like any other flu, it’s just a tough one to get over. As long as your immune system is healthy,

  3. Shala Reply:

    If you have someone in your household that has the flu, isolate them in a room and avoid sharing utensils and drinking cups. They should stop being contagious within 24 hours after their fever has gone down, but you should still take precau… Source:

  4. Miguelina Reply:

    Avoid travel to Mexico, where the Swine flu originated. You cannot get the Swine flu from eating pork. Follow the steps you would use to avoid catching any virus. The first and most important is frequent washing of hands with soap and water… Source:

  5. Larhonda Reply:

    Catch swine flu directly from infected pigs. Swine flu is a respiratory disease of pigs caused by type A influenza viruses. Swine flu outbreaks occur regularly amongst pigs, and it is typically transmitted directly from infected pigs to peo… Source:

  6. Mammie Reply:

    Would you go to a swine weaker form of the flu flu party to catch this and avoid a stronger version next fall? Read this article: /07

  7. Mana Reply:

    Same! Two to seven days! Very normal incubation period for this kind of virus!

  8. Mellisa Reply:

    That is why once we have had a flu virus like Swine Flu before, we won't get sick from it again. Our body will already know what cells to make and will send them

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