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Can you catch a stomach flu twice in one week?

Yes, it is possible to suffer from the stomach flu twice in the same week! There are two reasons this may happen! The first is that your immune system is still weak from the first bout! The second is the virus may have mutated! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lessie Reply:

    But is salmonella one of those illnesses? Mild cases could be mistaken for the stomach flu. Most people will recover after a week to 10 days, sometimes even without medication. Can You Get Shingles in More Than One Location? Source:

  2. Marisha Reply:

    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – What do you know about CFS? Question:How long did the symptoms of your gastroenteritis (stomach flu) last Before I would get sick again, I would get progressive shortness of breath that turned into heaving When I had Gastroenteritis, the symptoms started one week and then went away

  3. Hee Reply:

    if u r sick of flu then u can take homeopathic medicine influenzinum 200 or 1 m in only single dose,as its very powerful one should not repeat the doses!! please dont take homoeopathic medicines from the counter consult ur homoeopath first!… Source:

  4. Joleen Reply:

    Go 2 the docter……………………………….. Source:

  5. Sonia Reply:

    The stomach flu seems to come around every year, at least once. The routine always seems the same: a sudden outbreak, just about everyone gets it and then it is gone as fast as it came. Often accompanied with hours of vomiting and diarrhea,… Source:

  6. Dean Reply:

    Will I catch the Stomach Flu her home , I was there for about ? I was at my hairdressers 3 days ago with the not knowing she was sick stomach flu. She runs her business in 15

  7. Nery Reply:

    The initial upset would have irritated your colon, and flushed all your good bacteria, so you could eat lots of live bio yoghurt to replenish it! Chew Beano or enzymes before you eat!Keep off the fried and processed foods! Chicken, (properly cooked from fresh) rice, fish, dry toast! Drink plenty of water!You could use some Immodium, if its bad, but it may constipate you and make things worse! Equally Metamucil will solidiy your stools!It might be a stomach virus, or it may be a slight case of food poisoning from the burger! (food poisoning acts fast) but the after effects can linger as it takes a while for your colon to recover! A bit like when you bite the inside of your mouth, then keep catching it! Make to pro-biotic yoghurt a part of your diet, itll help guard against this sort of thing!

  8. Chae Reply:

    Flu is caused by a virus. It is possible to get two strains of the flu in the same week. Note that you will seldom, if ever, get the 'same' flu twice, particularly that

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