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Can you die from the stomach flu?

Millions of children die each year from diarrhea caused by gastroenteritis! Thanks for doing the ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Maxie Reply:

    Stomach flu, also called gastric flu, is not caused by influenza, as you might If you have a tender stomach, then you will by nature be more susceptible to stomach irritation and recurrence of vomiting because of their sugar and dye content. Source:

  2. Leila Reply:

    Millions of children die each year from diarrhea caused by gastroenteritis.

  3. Kirby Reply:

    If your stomach flu involves a lot of throwing up, the best thing to drink is pedialyte, to prevent you from getting to dehydrated. Lots of rest helps alot too. Source:

  4. Towanda Reply:

    The stomach flu, not to be confused with seasonal flu, is caused by any number of viruses such as the rotovirus or norovirus. It’s symptoms include vomiting and diarrhea most commonly, but they can also include fever, chills and headache. S… Source:

  5. Donnetta Reply:

    The stomach flu, which should not be confused with seasonal flu, is caused by viruses. It can be very unpleasant, but the good news is that it normally only lasts 1-2 days. Source:

  6. Denise Reply:

    When will my stomach flu fully else? How long will I hav healed? What drinks are suitable for? I know that dairy products those who have stomach flu cannot be consume but what

  7. Latonya Reply:

    yes, from fever, malnutrition, dehydration, and infection

  8. Berniece Reply:

    Can you die from the flu? In some cases, yes. oh no from yours truly. What is the stomach flu? What is commonly called the "Stomach Flu" is an acute contagious

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