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Can you get pneumonia from getting cold?

Yes, a cold or flu that worsens and remains untreated can develop into the virus pneumonia through lung infections! again! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Enola Reply:

    Fresh air is healthful to your lungs, but cold air is not. Inhale as much air as your lungs can take in, and then hold your breath for 5 to 10 seconds. If you push yourself while you have pneumonia, you may lengthen your recovery time by two Source:

  2. Vickie Reply:

    Your lungs become less elastic and cannot take oxygen into the blood, or remove This causes the feeling of being short of breath, which is one of the most You do not catch pneumonia by not dressing properly for cold weather or by being

  3. Demetrius Reply:

    To get a cold, you simply need to be exposed to someone who has a cold. You can catch their cold if they are still contagious. Also, if you are outside in nasty weather without proper clothing or protection, you can catch a cold. Source:

  4. Kirby Reply:

    Having a cold can make you feel really ill. You can take painkillers like iburprofen to help with the pain and discomfort and there is throat sweets and cough medicines that are designed to help make you feel slightly better. Unfortunately … Source:

  5. Maile Reply:

    Pneumonia is caused by inflammation on the chest. You could get pneumonia by having a chest infection or a cold that doesn’t clear up. This is then transferred to your lungs and pneumonia sets in. Source:

  6. Zelma Reply:

    I received a pneumonia shot while five months ago, and now my husband has I was in the hospital walking pneumonia. Am I at risk? I am recovering from a bronchial infection a

  7. Meagan Reply:

    Technically no, but effectively, yes! Pneumonia is generally a bacterial infection in your lungs! It is caused by bacteria that often are already in your body (and lungs) but overwhelm your normal immune response and begin to cause active infection responses in your lungs (inflammation, fluid, tissue destruction, etc!)! Some of the symptoms of pneumonia are caused by the bacteria themselves and most symptoms are caused by your bodies response to it!The reason some people get disease and some dont is purely a factor of how effective and efficient their immune response is!Now to the cold weather! Since cold puts a high amount of stress on your body (including muscle tension, cortisol release and others) this will decrease the efficiency of your immune system and it may allow bacteria to colonize, your immune system may underreact, then overreact (inefficiently) to the pneumococcal bacteria in your lungs! You can therefore get pneumonia and lots of other illness from getting chilled! You could also get hypothermia before that, which is also fatal but much quicker! Listen to your mother and put your coat on!

  8. Sherrell Reply:

    Some people get Pneumonia when they have just gotten over a cold. Also having the flu, plus getting a bacteria such as Klebsiella can cause pneumonia.

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