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Can you get the flu from dogs?

Although people and dogs can catch influenza viruses, they are susceptible to different strains of the virus, Crawford said! For that reason, people don’t need to worry about catching the flu from their dog, said Rubin Donis, PhD, chief of the molecular virology and vaccines branch at the CDC! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Corinne Reply:

    Dogs will eat just about anything but they can also get a stomach virus, just like If you spot blood in your dog's stool or vomit, take him to the veterinarian Source:

  2. Piper Reply:

    Until recently, it was thought that dogs didn’t get the flu. But in 2004, researchers looking at unexplained deaths of greyhounds at dog racing tracks discovered a

  3. Gilberte Reply:

    Since Labor Day Weekend 2009, this highly contagious respiratory viral infection of dogs has roared like a wild fire, up the East Coast from Miami to New England. It is caused by the subtype H3N8 of the influenza A virus. It is the source o… Source:

  4. Jacqueline Reply:

    The virus spread easily in places where dogs are in groups or live together in groups. Anyone who works with dogs in groups, such as veterinary offices or animal shelters should wash their hands in between visiting different dogs. Regular w… Source:

  5. Kazuko Reply:

    BE AWARE: This canine influenza looks a lot like kennel cough (parainfluenza or bordetella). Evidently it began affecting greyhounds in Florida in 2004. Although it is more serious than the usual kennel cough and CAN be lethal, it is not al… Source:

  6. Svetlana Reply:

    our dog is sick, someone suggested the he may have the flu, can dogs have the flu? He acts very listless. Usually he comes and goes straight for his treat. The last couple d

  7. Estela Reply:

    Did you drop a Skittle in your Zima before imbibing?? I have found that the natural fruit flavors provide essential Vitamin C and could perhaps prevent things like this from happening! If you drank your Zima like a real man, maybe you wouldnt be dying right now!

  8. Gaynelle Reply:

    Then maybe you should contact your vet, not sure if it is a major sign of your dog getting the flu, but it still means Can humans flu transfer to dogs?

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