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Can you get the flu if you got the flu shot?

The viruses in the flu shot are killed (inactivated), so you cannot get the flu from a flu shot! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Sumiko Reply:

    Whether you receive the flu vaccine while suffering from a cold depends on the severity wise to wait until those symptoms have gone away before you get a flu shot." Even if you typically do not get sick, it is also better to be vaccinated and Source:

  2. Shaquita Reply:

    The CDC is no longer testing to see if any diagnosed flu is swine or not..they did say if you test positive for influenza A then it is a 90% likely to be swine fluso they are advising people to go ahead and get the h1n1 vaccine when it g

  3. Arlean Reply:

    The person that invented the flu vaccine that is used universally was Emeritus Walter Fiers. He was a professor that oversaw researchers who worked on the project. Source:

  4. Rosenda Reply:

    A flu shot is an injection given to prevent you catching flu. Is it designed for everyone but people at high risk like asthma sufferers or the elderly get priority treatment first. Source:

  5. Yoshie Reply:

    First make sure you have the correct needle size for the person getting the shot. Draw the correct dosage of the vaccine according to the age of the person. Find the deltoid muscle and clean it with an alcohl wipe. Pull the skin taut and in… Source:

  6. Kizzie Reply:

    Is there two seperate shots for flu and swine flu? Or does the one flu shot soon at my place shot prevent all strains? We are getting the flu of work. So I was wondering if I

  7. Amalia Reply:

    Yes, If im not mistaking, a flu shot is injecting flu into you so your immune system can identify the flu!

  8. Deedee Reply:

    It will not hurt you to get a flu shot for the type of flu you already had, so to be on the Do you still need a swine flu shot if you already had or have the flu now

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