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Can you have the flu without having a fever?

Yes, while fever is one of the most common symptoms, it does not have to be included in the array of symptoms! for now! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Rhiannon Reply:

    In fact, some viruses can manifest without a fever, often to the detriment of the person infected. It can be difficult to determine if you have influenza, also called "the flu. With over 26 million adults in the United States having suffered from Source:

  2. Violette Reply:

    A fever is one of the hallmarks of influenza. If you’re not feverish, you’ve got something else. It doesn’t make you feel any better, though. It sounds like whatever’s going around is dropping your blood pressure (the dizziness and maybe th

  3. Josefine Reply:

    it took me about a week and two days… Source:

  4. Vanna Reply:

    If you have diarrhea when you have the flu with a fever, it may be gastroenteritis. Gastroenteritis is also known as the stomach flu. This occurs as a result of inflammation of your gastrointestinal tract and may be caused by a bacterial, v… Source:

  5. Maurine Reply:

    You can have swine flu without fever. Fully 1/2 of people with swine flu have had no fever. I did not have a fever, but I ended up with acute pneumonia after only 24 hours. It went straight to my chest! Here’s an article about having swine … Source:

  6. Emely Reply:

    oat, i have fever and diarhea, now the fever also is but no cold n sorethroat gone, coud it b swine flu?

  7. Florene Reply:

    yes you can! its unlikely but in order to have the flu, you dont necessarily (hope i spelled it right) have to have a fever

  8. Shamika Reply:

    It went straight to my chest! Here's an article about having swine flu without a fever: Do you have to have a fever to have the swine flu? No, some people do not

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