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Do crackers help if you have the stomach flu?

Yes, you can flatten ginger ale by stirring it to let the bubbles escape! If you are keeping down liquids, and feel like it, try eating saltine crackers or dry toast! Avoid sugary drinks, orange juice and other acidic beverages, and foods that are high in sugar, greasy or spicy! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Dreama Reply:

    The stomach flu (or gastroenteritis) is a condition that typically causes Saltine crackers, gelatin, eggs, and plain noodles are some good food choices eat fruit if you have diarrhea, but bananas are one fruit that can help with this condition. Source:

  2. Mammie Reply:

    Having the "stomach flu" usually means spending a lot of time in the bathroom. Things That Help · Staying Safe · Movies & Games · Health Problems · Kids’ stuff your body can get low on when you’re dehydrated from diarrhea or throwing up. try eating bland foods like gelatin, toast, pretzels or crackers, bananas, rice,

  3. Tawana Reply:

    PLENTY OF LIQUIDS: It is important to keep your child hydrated with plenty of fluids during this time, especially if they loose their appetite. Pedialyte is an oral electrolyte solution to help replace fluids and minerals lost when a child … Source:

  4. Kathe Reply:

    Recently, my seven month old got the stomach flu from my four year old. I have included instructions as to what to do when your older baby has the stomach flu. From my simple steps, you will be able to help your baby when she has gastroente… Source:

  5. Rochelle Reply:

    Diarrhea, nausea and vomiting are a few of the most common symptoms that make up the illness referred to as the stomach flu. Nobody enjoys being sick, but the unpleasant symptoms of the stomach flu make it among the most universally dislike… Source:

  6. Estrella Reply:

    When will my stomach flu fully else? How long will I hav healed? What drinks are suitable for? I know that dairy products those who have stomach flu cannot be consume but what

  7. Holly Reply:

    Sounds like stomach flu to me! You have my sympathy! Dont eat anything! Drink plain water or broth! If you start to feel a little better try plain white rice! If that stays down you could have some broiled boneless skinless chicken breast!No Dairy! No Soda or Cola! No Juice! Nothing high in fat! Heres something from a website: http://diarrhea!emedtv!com/stomach-flu/stomach-flu-treatment-p2!htmlStomach Flu Treatment: An OverviewThere is no medicine that will kill stomach flu viruses (antibiotics are not effective against viral infections)! Therefore, stomach flu treatment goals are focused on providing supportive care while the body fights the stomach flu! Supportive care involves treating symptoms, such as dehydration, that can occur as a result of the stomach flu! Fortunately, for people with healthy immune systems, the body is able to effectively kill stomach flu viruses, and after 1 to 10 days (depending on the virus), stomach flu symptoms generally improve! Rehydration as a Stomach Flu TreatmentYour body needs fluids to function! Dehydration is the loss of fluids from the body! Important salts or minerals, known as electrolytes, can also be lost with the fluids! Dehydration can be caused by: * Diarrhea * Vomiting * Excessive urination * Excessive sweating * Not drinking enough fluids because of nausea, difficulty swallowing, or loss of appetite! In cases of stomach flu, the combination of diarrhea and vomiting can cause dehydration! The symptoms of dehydration are: * Excessive thirst * Dry mouth * Little or no urine (or dark-yellow urine) * Decreased tears * Severe weakness or lethargy * Dizziness or lightheadedness! Giving special fluids by mouth (called oral rehydration therapy) is the most effective stomach flu treatment for preventing dehydration! By drinking oral rehydration fluids (ORF), juice, or water, people can reduce their chances of becoming dehydrated! Sports drinks do not replace the nutrients and minerals lost during this illness! Special fluids used for oral rehydration can be found in most pharmacies or grocery stores and can be purchased without a prescription! Besides avoiding dehydration, other stomach flu treatment suggestions that may help relieve symptoms associated with the illness include the following: * Allow your digestive tract to settle by not eating for a few hours * Sip small amounts of clear liquids or suck on ice chips if vomiting is still a problem * Gradually reintroduce food, starting with bland, easy-to-digest food, like toast, broth, apples, bananas, and rice * Avoid dairy products, caffeine, and alcohol until recovery is complete * Get plenty of rest! Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Ashanti Reply:

    Saltine crackers and 7-up can help, and if you would like to substitute the 7-up with something What is the best thing to eat when you have a stomach virus?

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