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Do you get weaker when you are sick?

Weakness and fatigue can result from a cold or flu! This is normal, but it could also mean you may be dehydrated! Remember to drink plenty of water when you are sick! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Marvis Reply:

    How to Give Blood Without Getting Weak or Sick. Print this article. How to Give Blood Without Getting Weak or Sickthumbnail You can easily avoid feeling sick or Source:

  2. Susannah Reply:

    No. It shouldn’t. I have been vegan for at least 2-3 years and was vegetarian for a while before that and I have gotten less sick than I used to. Mostly it

  3. Paola Reply:

    Slowly to prepare for more solid stuff. To make sure we don’t reject the food and in the process makes is more sick. Yes makes us weaker! I was once hospitalized for tonsilitis. I cry every time the meals come. They fed me jellies and gooey… Source:

  4. Yung Reply:

    Problems with the immune system can lead to illness and infection, and when you’re sick, your immune system is not as strong as it could be. Your immune system is your defense against sicknesses. Source:

  5. Evie Reply:

    Weaker and more tired when sick. Will my strength come b? I have the flu or a lot more tired/weaker. My strength is lower and the cold and I feel I can’t lift as much as usual

  6. Kiara Reply:

    First of all, I feel for you, and it doesnt sound good! With all the symptoms you describe, I cant believe the vet didnt keep him overnight! If he is truly having seizures, he is in dire straights! My little Chihuahuas have sensitive digestive systems, but what youre describing sounds very serious! This dog needs to go to an emergency hospital ASAP! A good thing to keep on hand for little dogs is Nutrical! Its a very palatable substance specifically for low blood sugar! But again, your puppy needs vet attention NOW!

  7. Jeremy Reply:

    If you starve yourself, you will be very unhealthy and weak and probably grumpy. And as soon as you start If you make a habit out of starving yourself, you will become anorexic. This is a very These women are sick. They are unhealthy

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