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Do you have to have a fever to have the flu?

No you don’t have to have a fever in order to have the flu! But you may have cough and an aching feeling all over your body! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Carolann Reply:

    Does One Have to Have a Fever to Have the Flu?. Many misconceptions about the flu are abundant. Many symptoms of the flu can be experienced during a period of illness, but How to Treat Diarrhea When You Have the Flu With a Fever Source:

  2. Glynis Reply:

    Fevers are actually beneficial to fighting infection. The high temperature kills the bacteria and viruses. It varies according to each person on how their body reacts to an infection. My nephew’s teacher had swine flu and never had a fever.

  3. Bridget Reply:

    When you find that you or your child is coming down with a flu fever, you want to get at least one whole day for rest in bed or somewhere you can relax with no stress. Then you will start yourself or your child on the Ultimate Aloe: drinkin… Source:

  4. Starla Reply:

    If you have diarrhea when you have the flu with a fever, it may be gastroenteritis. Gastroenteritis is also known as the stomach flu. This occurs as a result of inflammation of your gastrointestinal tract and may be caused by a bacterial, v… Source:

  5. Pamelia Reply:

    The flu virus is highly contagious and, as with most viruses, cannot be cured with medication. The flu is sensitive to changes in body temperatures above 98.6. Fever is the body’s way of fighting the disease. The fever associated with the f… Source:

  6. Valentine Reply:

    oat, i have fever and diarhea, now the fever also is but no cold n sorethroat gone, coud it b swine flu?

  7. Stephenie Reply:

    Keep trying to make wudhu in water inshallah allah will cure you from your sickness=)

  8. Malena Reply:

    Yes, it is. How can have swine flu without fever? You can have swine flu without fever. Fully 1/2 of people with swine flu have had no fever. I did not have a fever,

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