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Do you puke?

Everyone has puked during their life, even your mom or dad! When you’re sick with the stomach flu you may need to puke Any Suggestions here?


  1. Myrtie Reply:

    How to Make a Dog Vomit Using Hydrogen Peroxide. If you're a dog owner Fill a syringe so that you can use it to inject the liquid down into your dog's throat. 4 Source:

  2. Misty Reply:

    Did you ever toss your cookies? That means throw up, or puke. It’s gross, but just about everyone has done it. Find out more in this article for kids.

  3. Dorathy Reply:

    There are many reasons why a dog will vomit (puke). Some of them include eating too fast, a change in their regular diet (new dog food), food allergy or an object that is blocking the exit out of the stomach. Your best course of action is t… Source:

  4. Marinda Reply:

    Smell something that is gross or stick your finger down your throat. Be carefull not to choke yourself. This is not an advisable thing to do. Source:

  5. Winnifred Reply:

    I’m not sure anyone really needs to know how to puke, it comes naturally should you end up needing to. It’s more of a built in mechanism your body has control over. I would suggest, if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needi… Source:

  6. Noreen Reply:

    what will happen to the puke if you puke on a circles , like the swing ride? if you puke on a roller coaster that spins in circular spinning ride, which direction do you think

  7. Chieko Reply:

    There is this wonderful wonderful liquid that I buy at walmart!!! It is called kids and pets I do believe and it is in the spot removal section and the cleaning supplies like for those wet jet mops! It is wonderful if the kid pees the bed squirt it on there does not smell anymore whatsoever!!! Works on puke too! Ive tried it and love it! It is like 4!98 for a bottle tho but worth the money!

  8. Danae Reply:

    If you do not have ipecac you can stimulate your vomiting reflex by sticking your fingers down your throat. The vomit will come up a lot easier if you drink some

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