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Does a virus cause an infectious diseases?

An infectious disease can be caused by a bacterial, viral, fungal, or protozoan infection! For example, the flu is a virus! Just ask ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Mi Reply:

    The joint pain should go away shortly after the other symptoms caused by the virus disappear. arthritis, polymyositis and lupus sometimes appear after a viral infection. These diseases are not caused by the virus, but it is one of the triggers. Source:

  2. Marvel Reply:

    An infectious disease is a disease that is caused by the invasion of a host by . In the case of some RNA viruses, the genetic material can be used directly as

  3. Yuki Reply:

    Infectious diseases are those that are caused by an infecting agent or organism. They may be caused either by viruses, like chicken-pox, measles or mumps, or by bacteria, like tuberculosis or cholera, by protozoa, like malaria, or less comm… Source:

  4. Jody Reply:

    There seems to be a long list of diseases caused by viruses. Some diseases are AIDS, HIV, chicken pox, measles, and herpes. It has been studied and proven that there is actually a cure for AIDS and herpes, it just has not been announced to … Source:

  5. Jacqueline Reply:

    Infectious diseases are mainly caused by bacteria, or virus or a parasite and can be passed on from an insect bite or person to person. If you have this type of disease you would need to see your health care provider as it could be serious … Source:

  6. Richelle Reply:

    can i have examples of inherited diseases, deficiency diseases, infectious diseases and hormonal diseases? please let me know the categories of pellagra,goiter,diptheria and p

  7. Nadine Reply:

    They cant! Just to clarify, in the UK osteopaths have a different role to US osteopaths who are DOs!I am in the UK! Both Osteopathy and Chiropractic stemmed from the same occult philosophical woo roots, both believe that the body can heal itself with the manipulation of bones and joints! The osteo’s believe that moving bones improves circulation and that, loss of structural integrity can be restored to harmony or equilibrium by manipulation! The chiros believe that moving bones reduces pressure on the nerves, which helps various organs and tissue! Now to be fair, Osteopathy has left a lot of its woo woo roots behind in recent years; but the problem is many Osteos are germ theory denialists and believe that diseases are caused by misalignments of the spine! Not only is this BS, viruses can sometimes trigger type 1 diabetes in someone who already has genetic tendencys!Their germ denialism contradicts well tested microbiology, histology, immunology and physiology! Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease! In order to develop it, the patient needs to have an inherited tenancy that is activated in some way by a viral trigger to switch on a progressive destruction of the bodies own ability to produce insulin! Antibodies are produced that are directed against both the insulin hormone and the pancreatic beta cells that produce and release insulin! Once these cells have been destroyed, insulin levels fall to such low levels that the patient develops diabetes! There is no way, osteopathy could prevent or treat this problem! With type 2 diabetes, most is age related, sometimes inherited, and often caused by Western living (that has a strong association with obesity, a poor diet and physical inactivity)! Insulin levels are usually lower and most importantly, the patients tissues are resistant to the action of insulin (insulin resistance)! There is no plausible way, osteopathy could prevent or treat this problem!========================================= Lightning: You said, Having said that the germ theory is probably incomplete as being exposed to a germ does not guarentee that you will become ill where as someone standing next to you may become very sick with the same exposure even though both of you had never been exposed to the germ before!Only an unscientific mind would suggest that because not everyone who is exposed to the same germ gets sick, it must mean germs arent the causes of disease! That’s a fallacy, sir! EXAMPLE:50 people (5 times over the limit) drink drive, only 20 of them have accidents, Therefore alcohol was not a factor in the other accidents! This does not follow, it does not mean that alcohol wasnt the cause of those accidents! Its the same with germs!! FAIL!=======================================lol Weise for BA!

  8. Sylvia Reply:

    Pathogenic viruses are mainly those of the families of: Adenoviridae, Picornaviridae, to ones body, a few pathogenic bacteria can cause infectious diseases.

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