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Does herpes have a distinct smell?

No Herpes does not have a certain smell! Sores and flu-like symptoms are usually the signs of Herpes! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Shalonda Reply:

    Prodromal symptoms can last up to 2 days before you begin to experience an outbreak. it is important to get tested for STDs, as herpes remains in the body and can be Though rare, women can experience an increase in vaginal discharge or discharge that has an unusual odor. HSV has two distinct forms, HSV 1 and. Source:

  2. An Reply:

    Apr 30, 2008 I have never personally expienced a specific smell associated with an outbreak, however, thrush does have a distinctive odour and discharge.

  3. Stephania Reply:

    The smell of the ocean is a very distinctive smell. The smell comes from a gas produced by genes of a bacteria in the ocean. Source:

  4. Adam Reply:

    Natural Gas Odor The smell in gas is man-made, natural gas is odourless. It is added during the gas manufacturing/refining process so as to be able to detect it (i.e. smell). The chemical is Mercaptan Source:

  5. Benita Reply:

    1 Note that the ideas work best if you have had your room decorated and got new furniture, so if you know you are moving house/redecorating your room soon, wait till then. Note that the ideas work best if you have had your room decorated an… Source:

  6. Tu Reply:

    Do you think that doctors have a smell like no other a distinct smell? I think that doctors have kind of people. They have a mixture of hospital, medicine, latex, and nothing.

  7. Freddie Reply:

    Yeast infections (candidiasis) causes the itching and reddness but also discharge! The discharge is clumpy, cottage cheese consistency! Usually odorless! That is usually the tell-tale sign! Herpes usually presents as raised clear fluid filled bumps! Usually in clusters! If you shave, if should be different than razor burn, in the sense that razor burn doesnt usually show up in clusters! However, I would suggest you see your doctor, or a MD specializing in STDs or epidemiology! The reason is that they have the up-to-date info and treatment options! Hope that helps!

  8. Jacelyn Reply:

    There is agreement, however, that three distinct clusters can be defined: the .. glands and strepsirrhines generally have longer snouts and a strong sense of smell. .. Viruses such as Herpesviridae (most notably Herpes B Virus), Poxviridae,

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