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Does the flu shot actually prevent you from getting the flu?

The flu shot does not prevent illness but actually does the opposite–it weakens your immune system and makes you more susceptible Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Malena Reply:

    Therefore, getting a flu vaccination might be beneficial to prevent the spread of the Then, when you actually do come in contact with the real live virus, your Source:

  2. Stevie Reply:

    Nov 12, 2008 Did You Get the Flu After Having Your 2007-2008 Flu Shot? Read more about how getting a flu shot can prevent COPD exacerbation: go together, I find it frustrating that the flu shot isn’t there for a kid who really needs it!

  3. Shalonda Reply:

    People who should get the flu shot are children six months to nineteen years old, pregnant women and people fifty years old and older. Also, people with certain chronic medical conditions should also get the flu shot. Others that should get… Source:

  4. Kirby Reply:

    Carry hand sanitizer with you wherever you go. Use it after handling money, shaking hands, being in stores, libraries or other public places. Have your family use it as well. Give some to your children and instruct them to use it often thro… Source:

  5. Noreen Reply:

    Other then local doctor offices you can try some retail stores like Walgreens. If you cannot find any in your typical places a good place to call is your local health bureau. Source:

  6. Tilda Reply:

    Is there two seperate shots for flu and swine flu? Or does the one flu shot soon at my place shot prevent all strains? We are getting the flu of work. So I was wondering if I

  7. Pattie Reply:

    The flu shot contains the models of the most common strains of influenza for the current flu season!You can still contract a rare active strain that was not covered from another person!Personally, I have always gotten the flu shot and never got the flu!

  8. Kamilah Reply:

    The CDC-approved trivalent vaccines for this flu season will protect against the You should really stay home if you are sick and for seven days afterward or for 24 will not help you avoid getting the flu since the virus is small enough to pass . when, and where you can get the flu shots (a single shot is all that is required

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