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How can you catch walking pneumonia?

Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection causes walking pneumonia, and is passed from person to person in the same way as the cold or flu! Any Suggestions here?


  1. rachel Reply:

    my husband is being treated for walking pneumonia’. he has been coughing for a while.I wanted to know can i catch this as well i feel find right now.i would like to here what you have to say,5 yrs ago my mom was in the hospital for pneumonia i was there with her every day,she died a week later,i was never exspose to it..I had an xray on my chest 3 weeks ago doctors didnt find anything.

  2. Kanisha Reply:

    Pneumonia is a condition marked by inflammation and infection of the lungs. to realize they have pneumonia, so it is nicknamed walking pneumonia. Because many types of pneumonia are contagious, many people think it is easy to catch Source:

  3. Mariam Reply:

    Answer Walking pneumonia is a lay-man term for an infection of the lungs. The infection may be caused by a bacteria or virus. One catches ‘walking pneumonia’ by exposing oneself to the secretions (saliva) of a sick human. Answer just like a

  4. Terisa Reply:

    Walking pneumonia is caused by the bacteria mycoplasma pnuemoniae. It is usually less severe than other types, and symptoms include high fever, headache, dry cough, and few other signs. Source:

  5. Nadine Reply:

    Walking pneumonia is pneumonia that is not as severe. Severe cases of pneumonia require hospitalization, while walking pneumonia you can continue to walk and not need to be hospitalized. Source:

  6. Dena Reply:

    The symptoms of walking pneumonia include lethargy, sudden chills, mild to severe headaches. constant runny nose, pain in your abdominal area, ear, muscles and chest and some people experience sore throats because they have a constant cough… Source:

  7. Leia Reply:

    I received a pneumonia shot while five months ago, and now my husband has I was in the hospital walking pneumonia. Am I at risk? I am recovering from a bronchial infection a

  8. Jaimie Reply:

    Walking pneumonia is as contagious as any other type of pneumonia! It might take a couple of days before you show any signs of infection, but call your doctor tomorrow and make an appointment! They will probably take blood work and put you on some antibiotics prophetically! This will take care of the infection before it has a good grip on you! This will also boost your immune system so that it can fight it off easier! It was a good thing that they let you know tonight so that you can call your doctor first thing in the morning! Good luck and God Bless

  9. Ria Reply:

    Walking pneumonia is a lay-man term for an infection of the lungs. The infection may be caused by a bacteria or virus. One catches 'walking pneumonia' by

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