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How can you get sick?

Yes people get sick all the time with flu’s, colds and upset stomach’s! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Kasey Reply:

    How to Avoid Getting Sick When Traveling. Part of the series: Nutrition Tips for Healthy Living. To avoid avoid getting sick while traveling, wash hands often, stay Source:

  2. Pilar Reply:

    don’t wash your hands, expose yourself to as many public places as possible, and eat a lot of finger food such as sandwiches and chips. Germs are usually either spread through the air, or through contact with your face(mouth and eyes). A lo

  3. Ilene Reply:

    You can make yourself sick by smelling something rotten or old. Usually the smell will make you puke. If you are wanting to get a cold you should just get around someone that has a cold and drink after them and you should get it. Source:

  4. Kirby Reply:

    You don’t know what you’re sick with? Well, I’m sorry but I don’t either. I would suggest that you make an appointment with your doctor. Oh, you have the health care issue, too? Then try your local Health Department. Good Luck! Source:

  5. Kasie Reply:

    Eating crackers will help with morning sickness. Try drinking a Sprite that has gone flat. Ice water is a big help when you feel the urge to let go, too. Source:

  6. Allene Reply:

    Which is worse taking a sick to work sick to save few people can have a sick days? Sadly in our economy very child to daycare or going parent stay home. Also with single pare

  7. Noma Reply:

    Any actual vet in the US has to receive a passing grade on a national board examination, the North America Veterinary Licensing Exam! Make sure your prospective vet has this certification!

  8. Ona Reply:

    No, it is bacteria and/or viruses that cause you to get sick. If you are indoors with poor ventilation you may feel sick, or if your extremities have got very cold you

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