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How contagious is the stomache flu?

The stomach flu is spread through close contact with infected persons like sharing food, water, or eating utensils! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Danelle Reply:

    How Long Is Stomach Flu Contagious?. The contagious period for stomach flu varies depending on the virus that is causing your symptoms.Stomach flu is not Source:

  2. Verdie Reply:

    You are referring to viral gastroenteritis. Influenza is a respiratory disease, but most people call gastroenteritis "stomach flu". It’s quite contagious. You probably can’t get it from breathing the same air and talking, though! These arti

  3. Alia Reply:

    People with the stomach flu may be contagious from the instance they get ill to up to 2 weeks after they have recovered. In most cases, a recovering person is contagious for 3 days after recovering. For more information see here: http://www… Source:

  4. Brianna Reply:

    If you’ve come down with a bug, you may wonder how long someone with the stomach flu is contagious. First, you need to look at which type of virus you have. Most adults have norovirus. You will begin to get sick within 2-3 days of exposure…. Source:

  5. Elana Reply:

    Depending on the type of virus that is causing the illness, you could be contagious even before you show symptoms until up to a week after symptoms have subsided. It is best in most cases to avoid sending children back to school or daycare … Source:

  6. Melaine Reply:

    how long does the stomache flu or flu take to kick echinacea prevent it? i got sick last december in? and can vitamin c and and was sick up until about a month ago. so that wa

  7. Madaline Reply:

    well if the party is this weekend you will probably get better!for your mom to let you go try to act better till party day! like get dressed eat normal and try to seem like you have a lot more energy! hope this helps good luck and feel better!

  8. Neoma Reply:

    Contagious food service providers (cafeteria or restaurant workers) are often responsible for outbreaks of the stomach flu. The viruses that cause gastroenteritis

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