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How do you catch a stomach bug?

Yes, this is called Viral Gastroenteritis, aka the "Stomach Flu"! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Lakia Reply:

    How Can You Catch the Stomach Flu?. The stomach flu seems to come around every year, at least once. The routine always seems the same: a sudden Source:

  2. Lyndsay Reply:

    sanatize your hands after touching anything she has touched. try not to get too close to her ask her if she has a fever, if she does tell her she needs to go home. fever is what causes virus’s to be spread. There is a 72 hour incabation per

  3. Hwa Reply:

    Catching lightning bugs or fireflies can be the highlight of many children’s summer evenings. Male fireflies blink as they fly to signal to female fireflies on the ground in a nest. Different species of fireflies have different blinking pat… Source:

  4. Madlyn Reply:

    If you have ever felt the gut-wrenching pain of a stomach bug you will want to know the best way to survive this nausea-causing bug. Not all stomach bugs are the same and many don’t affect people the same. However, one thing that’s common i… Source:

  5. Daniel Reply:

    The sick person should wash their hands frequently, obviously after they throw up and after they use the bathroom otherwise. Since its often hard to control the actions of another person, wash your own hands frequently – especially after yo… Source:

  6. Roselee Reply:

    Will i catch the stomach bug at all today. they were out at a? my little 5 year old 11pm. i wasnt sharing anything with step sister got sick at her or eating around her rest

  7. Hsiu Reply:

    wash hands a lot

  8. Sharan Reply:

    If the stomach symptoms are caused by a virus, conventional wisdom is that you cannot catch the same virus twice because the first time around your body

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