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How do you defeat the flu?

There is no cure for the Flu but there are things that can help you treat it! You can either get a medicine to treat each symptom or doctors can prescribe an antiviral drug to ease all the Symptoms! again! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Vernell Reply:

    Live samples of the flu virus are sprayed into the nose–weakened varieties that the body should be able to easily defeat. By hunting and destroying these weak Source:

  2. Ozie Reply:

    Create a winning game plan with herbs that boost your defenses.

  3. Kyra Reply:

    Your best bet is to wash your hands, avoid contacting your face, and stay away from infected individuals. Source:

  4. Denise Reply:

    Has PETA bribed the United Nations scares, bird flu, swine flu, goat flu? European countries are now killing into all the animal flu thousands of goats because of “goat flu” W

  5. Elin Reply:

    It would take several years to figure out how to reconfigure and use NASAs toys but since I will be spending the rest of my life alone it might as well be on the way to the moons of Jupiter! I shall bring a sword of course! Just in case!

  6. Lezlie Reply:

    How do you defeat swine flu? Improve. In: Conditions and Diseases, Cold and Flu, Infectious Diseases, Swine Flu (H1N1/09) categories]

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