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How do you fake the stomach flu?

Plan ahead! Don’t eat much at dinner the night before and mention that your stomach feels weird! Go to bed early! To keep MORE?? Any Suggestions here?


  1. Nickolas Reply:

    I’ve been faking the stomach flu for the last 2 days, my mom is wanting to take me to the doctor what should I do?

  2. caitie Reply:

    one thing you can do is the night before go to school tell your parents you have a stomach ache and that you ate something bad then you can the next fay wait untill woken up quikly apply liquid highlighter and then powder highlighter so it looks natural then take a lomg time to get out of bed then skip breakfast because you have a “stomachache”

  3. lulu inku Reply:

    stomach flu is easy to fake but bont over do it you dont want to end up in the hospital for no reason and get busted

  4. jeanette Reply:

    Chew some food up in your mouth and put water in your mouth and make sounds and put it in the toilet and try it

  5. Xenia Reply:

    If you can't fake a sick voice when you make excuses to get out of work, go with someone else. Parents can use The "24-hour stomach flu" is used quite a bit. Source:

  6. Amal Reply:

    If you still have a stomach ache, then you do still have a flu or a virus and so you don’t need to REALLY fake it. Lay there quietly and don’t have any appetite. Have a headache. Don’t even want to watch tv. Stay in the bathroom a long time

  7. Lida Reply:

    If your stomach flu involves a lot of throwing up, the best thing to drink is pedialyte, to prevent you from getting to dehydrated. Lots of rest helps alot too. Source:

  8. Alecia Reply:

    The stomach flu, not to be confused with seasonal flu, is caused by any number of viruses such as the rotovirus or norovirus. It’s symptoms include vomiting and diarrhea most commonly, but they can also include fever, chills and headache. S… Source:

  9. Kimber Reply:

    The stomach flu, which should not be confused with seasonal flu, is caused by viruses. It can be very unpleasant, but the good news is that it normally only lasts 1-2 days. Source:

  10. Marivel Reply:

    How can I fake stomach flu? I’m thinking Ipecac & Laxatives? For a reason that I won’t disclose, I need to fake the stomach flu tomorrow. I’m thinking that an Ipecac & Laxativ

  11. Diana Reply:

    You may go through the following links :1! Or not paranoid enough?? Im not usually all that prone to conspiracy theories but too !!! What if those kids didnt get swine flu in Mexico??www!atheistnexus!org/forum/topics/swin… – Cached – Similar 2!!! Swine Flu: Confessions Of Paranoid Mom! Ok!!!I feel a little ridiculous, but I kept the kids home from school today!!!babyrazzi!com/!!!/swine-flu-confession… -3! Ive been seeing a lot of paranoia about swine flu concern around the internets! You know, people making fun of other people for being !!!unreasonablefaith!com/!!!/stop-being-p

  12. Porsha Reply:

    You can do several things by the easiest would be to work on your "faking" skills. If you can't even be able to pretend to have a stomach virus then you should

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