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How do you get a headache?

The most common type of headache is a tension, or muscle-contraction, headache! This happens when stressed-out head or neck!!MORE?? Any Suggestions here?


  1. May Reply:

    How to Get Rid of a Headache Without Medication. We all get headaches for various reasons, ranging from poor nutrition to stress. Learning how to get rid of a Source:

  2. Bernie Reply:

    There are three main causes for getting a headache. They can be caused by reduced blood flow, muscle strains and an increase in bloodflow.

  3. Latasha Reply:

    There are many causes for headaches and nausea. Headaches can be caused by stress, head injury, staring at a computer screen, or illness. Nausea can be caused by eating bad foods, pregnancy, illness, or medication. Source:

  4. Gracie Reply:

    Headaches are pains in the head. It is a very unpleasant ordeal. A headache is something you get when your in-laws come over for Thanksgiving dinner! Source:

  5. Etsuko Reply:

    When you have a aching pain in your head and that is called a headache. Nobody likes to have headaches at all. Try taking some pain pills and rest and that should help it go away. Source:

  6. Setsuko Reply:

    Which is more painful: sinus headache, migraine headache, stress headache,or broken wisdom tooth…? …with nerve and pulp exposed, flaring that terrible pain in your jaw and

  7. Sena Reply:

    Hi,I have had Migraines since I was in my teens and I can also recall when I was 8 or 9 getting a headache from bright Neon advertising lights – I also suffered from car and bus sickness and when I am in a bobbing boat that can make me sick in fact any boat will make me sick !Since retiring my Migraines eased off and I related them to stress – so that is one cause! Bright lights and loud piercing rock music is anotherI also have neck and Thoracic problems and massaging and manipulation from a physiotherapist often helped!I tried to stay away from oranges and chocolates but now I eat both regularly and they don;t seem to bring on an attack!i still get attacks occasionally and I start to get blotches in my vision and I cannot see properly and then I get zig zag lines in my vision and then a horrendous headache follows – they used to last hours and hours and I would sleep them off in a dark room and feel drained for days later but over time the span of them has reduced and recovery time too!I never found a tablet that helped me – I suggest you look at what stresses you and try to avoid the circumstances, get you spine checked out, look at your posture, even how you sleep – get a good support pillowI believe that the causes of migraine are many and varied and as your mother also gets them there is definitely an hereditary connection as well! Trial and error may help you find what triggers yours – maybe a visit to an eye specialist to make sure you do not need glasses – I do know that sometimes there is a time lapse between what triggered mine and when I get an attackTry not to get over tired and get 8 hours sleep a day and eat healthy Do I sound like your mother?? Sorry! Good luck and I hope things improve for youregards Mike d8th Feb 2012

  8. Hollis Reply:

    If you have back problems it can cause you to have a headache if something is out of place. Also if you don't have enough sleep and stay up really late for a few

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