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How do you get rid of drug withdrawals?

Oxycontin withdrawal symptoms can be very uncomfortable, flu-like, and last from a few days to a week! If they last longer, you should see a medical professional for help! They will explore and recommend one of a few different regimens used for detoxification, which can include the use of Clonidine to reduce symptoms! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Margert Reply:

    To rid your life of further addiction, you Unfortunately, alcohol, unlike hard drugs, is quite impossible to avoid forever. Prepare for alcohol withdrawals. Source:

  2. Melita Reply:

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of the night sweats when going through withdrawals? If i dont take vicodin right before i

  3. Tammie Reply:

    Improper disposal of prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications can have negative effects on the environment. For example, trace amounts of flushed medications have been known to turn up in local waterways and, in some cases, in ho… Source:

  4. Sun Reply:

    Opiate-drug addiction is one of the most vicious forms of addiction. Not only are opiates psychologically addictive but they are also physically addictive. The withdrawal symptoms that physical addiction can cause can be severe, and, theref… Source:

  5. Shaniqua Reply:

    Recovering from drug addiction is a difficult and lifelong process. The first step is to stop taking the addictive drug as quickly and safely as possible. This is often made extremely difficult by the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Ther… Source:

  6. Mei Reply:

    When you have drug withdrawals, could taking another drug similar to the one ur going off of help w/it all? If you’re taking let’s say either xanax, valium, ativan, klonopin,

  7. Lelah Reply:

    Amanda is dead wrong in her first few lines! A better analogy than the one she gave would be telling the difference between taking a Tylenol and a Tylenol 8 hour! Tylenol and Tylenol 8 hour both have the same active drug just in different formulations! Like the others told you, roxicodone and oxycontin both have the same active drug, oxycodone!Your first urine test is going to be your baseline test which will help them figure out how fast your body metabolizes the oxycodone and help determine how much you have been taking! They should have a good idea what your levels should be but after getting your baseline they will have a better idea of what your subsequent tests should be! I say urine because that is what most pain management doctors use and not a blood draw! If they use urine they probably wont use instant dip stick style tests either!If you really want to show the doctor you used to take more, have you thought about getting your prescription records from the pharmacy??

  8. Chrystal Reply:

    What happens if the drug wrongly accumulated in the body? If you are talking about withdrawal symptoms from a narcotic drug (oxycontin, MS contin, oxynorm, endone, etc) then symptoms will last 4 . Get Rid of Mold with Household Tricks

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