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How do you get sick over summer?

The flu and the common cold are caused by viruses! People get sick more often in the winter because they are exposed to each other more in the winter than in the summer! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Nga Reply:

    Dogs that are kept outside during the summer months need proper care and Dogs that are prone to motion sickness may easily get sick by riding in a car on a Source:

  2. Daphine Reply:

    well its probability because of climate change and if you have any allergies contact your local physician!

  3. Yuk Reply:

    There are many ways to make money during summer break, from washing cars to working at summer camps to making popcorn at the movie theater. You can even be your own boss, starting up a lawn-mowing, babysitting or tutoring service. Source:

  4. Susann Reply:

    Put on sunscreen half hour before going outside. Sunscreen will prevent the skin from being burnt by the sun and help the skin to stay hydrated as well. Repeat every two to three hours. Repeat every hour is playing in the water. Eat a balan… Source:

  5. Olene Reply:

    The summer will end on September 22. The official start on the summer is on Juni 21. This is the best time in the year for having holidays. Source:

  6. Rachael Reply:

    just a thought…..

  7. Renay Reply:

    Rent a bunch of movies and chill around the house!Load the kids and wife and yourself up on antioxidents to help boost your immune systems!****In order to prevent anybody else from getting norovirus stomach bug you need to BLEACH (diluted bleach water) all commonly touched services!!!door knobs/faucets, etc! especially the sick kids room!Any vomit buckets etc! wash hands before touching foods/eating etc! the virus is transmitted by ingesting contaminated fecal/vomit particles so its important for the sick kid to take up good personal hygiene right now by keeping his/her hands after going #2 or vomiting!good luck and hope everything goes smoothly!they will all be back to normal by next week!

  8. Johana Reply:

    We do have more colds in winter than in summer, but not because of the cold YES if you drink after some one with a cold or flu itis a proven fact that you will get sick. It is easier to catch a cold just after getting over one, since your body is

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