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How do you give yourself the flu really fast?

The flu is spread from close contact with an infected person or by touching the eyes or mouth after contact w/ an infected person! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Mindi Reply:

    How to Get Rid of a Cold Fast. Having a Echinacea is a plant that's proven to boost the immune system and fight colds and flu. Too much activity can decrease your energy level and prolong the cold. Give yourself time to relax and heal. 6 Source:

  2. Bethann Reply:

    I’m a healthy individual, who exercises regularly, and I really really don’t want the flu to give yourself a flu shot, because you know yourself better than anyone. get the shots on alternating arms as well so it spreads through your body faster.

  3. Dorathy Reply:

    1 Bring water to boil in a wide pot. 2 Start with a great soap free cleaner. A customer at Leonard Drake during the early nineties I am a big proponent of Dermalogica Special Cleaning Gel. I have since removed from the location of a Leonard… Source:

  4. Gwen Reply:

    Remove all nailpolish and start with clean hands and nails Fill a sink or dish with warm water, a squeeze of hand soap and a squeeze of baby oil. Soak hands for 3-5 minutes File each nail squarely across and make sure there are no sharp cor… Source:

  5. Keshia Reply:

    Wash your hands and cut your nails.. dont forget to buff. when buffing always buff the whole nail even the sides… when you wash your hands let them soak there for about 2mins in warm water this will help to softern your nails.. clean unde… Source:

  6. Leticia Reply:

    I think my husband is coming down w/ the flu and we did flu shot.? My husband has a fever not give our baby the of 100.2 and I think he is coming down w/ the flu. Or can it b

  7. Lashaunda Reply:

    You can tell one of your moms close friends or someone close to your family about how shes acting towards you! Im sorry you feel sick :/ I really hope you get better fast! If youre over heating, take a luke warm shower! It always helps me :) If your sickness is bringing you down watch funny youtube videos! It helps me! Oh!!! watch Sesame Street!!! It may sound dum, but it helps :)

  8. Altha Reply:

    Arm yourself with information before you have that first contraction. added What do guatemalan women do aftr giving birth to Labor and Birth 8 Feb 2012 14:27 Also if it takes too long it can get dangerous and end. . Close labor symptoms can be a variety of things such as flu type feelings, crampiness, muscle aches

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