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How do you know when your getting sick?

Sick is a little vague! Symptoms of a cold or flu include headache, stuffy nose, body aches, fever, nausea, sore throat! Thanks! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Rosie Reply:

    It's vital for cat owners know how to determine if a cat is sick because prompt A cat with bloody diarrhea or vomit should get immediate attention at a local Source:

  2. Alaina Reply:

    Wake up and check how you feel. Are you overtired and nauseous? Do you have an abundance of muscle aches and and slight pains MORE

  3. Charles Reply:

    We get sick when we come into contact with certain germs. Most colds and flu are transmitted from person to person. Sometimes, it is because our immune system is compromised. Source:

  4. Bettyann Reply:

    If you want to get sick fast, you can look at pictures of someone you think is gross. Or, drink syrup of ipecac. Other than that you can go in the rain and go around people that are coughing a lot. Source:

  5. Darcel Reply:

    Generally, most people go to great lengths to avoid being sick. Most illnesses are spread by contact with infected people. Play with some snotty-nosed kids for awhile, you’ll be sick in no time. Source:

  6. Suanne Reply:

    Which is worse taking a sick to work sick to save few people can have a sick days? Sadly in our economy very child to daycare or going parent stay home. Also with single pare

  7. Myesha Reply:

    Your doctor doesnt know what to do?? Hes a dumb***! Go to a different doctor who has a lot of experience with this type of situation! Maybe then he or she will prescribe you some antibiotics!

  8. Catalina Reply:

    This page is closed to edits. Unfollow. follow. [report abuse]. Can you answer this question? How do you know when your baby is getting sick and you dont know

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