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How do you stop vomiting when you have the flu?

The flu is a respiratory infection! There isn’t much you can do to stop vomiting! If it lasts more than a day, call your doctor! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Florrie Reply:

    Stomach flu is quite contagious, so taking steps to avoid it is the best way to prevent it. If you have stomach flu, it's important to take care of yourself well to help it. Source:

  2. Robbi Reply:

    The flu is a respiratory infection. There isn’t much you can do to stop vomiting. If it lasts more than a day, call your doctor.

  3. Kristina Reply:

    The best way to stop vomiting is to limit your foods. You should drink small amounts of liquids and increase this slowly every hour. After you are able to drink a good amount of liquid without vomiting, you should start eating bland foods (… Source:

  4. Adah Reply:

    In order to figure out how to stop vomiting in adults, or anyone else, you need to figure out the underlying cause. For temporary relief, some Pepto Bismol or a prescription like Phenergan will help with nausea. Source:

  5. Nellie Reply:

    Usually if you are vomiting you will want to put very little back in your stomach. A prescription medication Phenergan is very commonly used to alleviate vomiting. Pepto bishop does wonders also. Lightly sipping a carbonated beverage will h… Source:

  6. Mary Reply:

    If someone had the 24 hr take dramamine to stop the. stomach flu, would it be wise to vomiting? I don’t have the 24 hr. flu and I don’t know anyone who does right now. This i

  7. Lovie Reply:

    Unfortunately, there is little you can do! Eat nothing, drink only water and in small doses! You may dry-heave a bit, which can be painful! It should only take a couple of days for the bug to pass! Most people feel much better by the third day!If youre running a high fever or you start to show signs of dehydration:Thirst Loss of Appetite Dry Skin Skin Flushing Dark Colored Urine Dry Mouth Fatigue or Weakness Chills Head Rushes Go to the doctor!

  8. Talitha Reply:

    Having a single one of these symptoms does not mean you have the new flu, and , For the anti-viral medications that could lessen or stop your symptoms more Some people have reported diarrhea and vomiting associated with swine flu.

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