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How does the flu spread?

The flu is spread by virus-infected droplets that are coughed or sneezed into the air, it can also survive on surfaces! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Pat Reply:

    How Does the Flu Spread?. Influenza, or the flu, is a virus that attacks the parts of the respiratory system. The virus is unique in that it mutates every Source:

  2. Roseline Reply:

    The avian flu is usually spread to humans straight from the birs. So, usually would happen with someone that was hand on body with birds. Source:

  3. Shayla Reply:

    The bird flu is spread thru birds, mainly thru poultry birds, n order to get it you have to be around a bird that has it and inhale or injest the virus thru there droppings, you cannot get the bird flu thru eating poultry. Source:

  4. Dora Reply:

    The flu is spread through germs and bacteria of others that have the flu. If you don’t constantly wash your hands, you are at risk for developing the flu or another type of infection. Source:

  5. Jaquelyn Reply:

    What are the chance a bird US as wide spread as flu pandemic will strike the the Spanish flu pandemic was?

  6. Kaleigh Reply:

    Migrating birds, like ducks and geese, can carry and spread the virus to other birds – often across country borders! These migratory birds dont seem to get sick from bird flu, but domesticated birds like chickens and turkeys can die from it!A bird can get bird flu from another bird by coming into close contact with its infected feces (poop), secretions, or saliva! Birds can also get sick if they come into contact with dirt, cages, or any surfaces that have been contaminated by sick birds! Thats why researchers think live bird markets, where birds are kept in close quarters, are places where the virus has spread quickly!The virus can also spread from farm to farm if birds infected feces and saliva get on farming equipment, like tractor wheels, clothing, and cages!Its unlikely that a person who gets infected with the H5N1 strain of the avian flu will spread it to other people! All the human cases of bird flu so far have happened because people got it directly from infected birds! These people lived in rural areas, where many families keep small household poultry flocks that they slaughter, defeather, and butcher themselves! Poultry also roam freely in some of those areas, and there are lots of opportunities to be exposed to their infected feces!

  7. Blanca Reply:

    If you touch where a person with swine flu touches, you will most likely pick up the virus and get the swine flu. That is how it spreads indirectly. Stay a minimum of

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