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How is the stomach flu spread?

The stomach flu is spread through close contact with a contaminated person, sharing food, water or eating utensils! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Alen Reply:

    My five year old just had his yearly flu shot on Friday (as well as sarevel other vaccines at his 5 year well visit). We left the doc’s office around 10am and by 2pm he was complaining of a very sore throat. When I checked his temp a few hours later, he had one of about 100.5. I went into a panic knowing that kids are supposed to be healthy when they have their vaccinations. He didn’t complain of not feeling well at the doc appt. and when the doc did his well visit checkup, he didn’t mention anything not being right.I called the nurses line to ask if him not feeling well/temperature would hinder the efficacy of the vaccines he received that day. She said it was possible depending on the severity of his temperature. What are your views? I’m guessing that he was developing a cold but didn’t have any symptoms at the time of the shots. Do I need to worry that the shots aren’t going to do their job? I’m prone to worrying so any feedback would be helpful.P.S. His little sis had a temp the day before, so we rescheduled her flu shot for this week.VA:F [1.9.10_1130]please wait…

  2. Felipa Reply:

    How Is the Stomach Flu Spread?. The condition known as stomach flu is often confused with the flu or influenza. However, stomach flu, or gastroenteritis, isn't Source:

  3. Dawna Reply:

    What is Stomach Flu The condition known as stomach flu is often confused with the flu or influenza. However, stomach flu, or gastroenteritis, isn’t influenza, but a sickness attacking the stomach and small intestines and is caused by a grou

  4. Roberto Reply:

    The avian flu is usually spread to humans straight from the birs. So, usually would happen with someone that was hand on body with birds. Source:

  5. Deetta Reply:

    Flu as spread by coughing and sneezing. If for example someone sneezes near you and doesn’t use a tissue then touches your hand, you could then pick up the germs from there. Source:

  6. Walter Reply:

    The stomach flu is contagious to those in close contact with the virus. Sharing food or drinks or other close contact can transfer the virus. If you are sick or around those who have the flu, wash your hands more frequently, and don’t share… Source:

  7. Shin Reply:

    When will my stomach flu fully else? How long will I hav healed? What drinks are suitable for? I know that dairy products those who have stomach flu cannot be consume but what

  8. Carmina Reply:

    It depends on the strain but anything from 24 to 72 hours is most likely! If you are still ok this evening, you probably avoided it!

  9. Kenda Reply:

    The viruses that cause the stomach flu (viral gastroenteritis) are present in the feces and vomit of the sick person. Illness is spread when a few of these viruses

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