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How long are you contagious for after you have the stomach flu?

It depends on which virus is causing your stomach flu (viral gastroenteritis)! The contagious time is different for each one! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Leisha Reply:

    The contagious period for stomach flu varies depending on the virus that is If you have norovirus, you are contagious from the time you begin feeling ill until at days after you recover, the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Source:

  2. Twanna Reply:

    How long am I contagious if I have the stomach flu? you typically feel better after a day or two, you’re contagious for at least three days after you’ve recovered.

  3. Bobbie Reply:

    You’re contagious for at least three days after you’ve recovered Thanks for using ChaCha! Source:

  4. Annice Reply:

    If you’ve come down with a bug, you may wonder how long someone with the stomach flu is contagious. First, you need to look at which type of virus you have. Most adults have norovirus. You will begin to get sick within 2-3 days of exposure…. Source:

  5. Sheron Reply:

    Depending on the type of virus that is causing the illness, you could be contagious even before you show symptoms until up to a week after symptoms have subsided. It is best in most cases to avoid sending children back to school or daycare … Source:

  6. Crissy Reply:

    How long is the stomach flu contagious? I know stomach flu can viruses (mainly rotavirus). My sons both got the be caused by several different stomach flu about a week and a h

  7. Luanna Reply:

    Thanks for the info, and the two points! I think Ill take a look! I really dont know how I can answer this but!!! thanks!

  8. Addie Reply:

    Some people may be contagious for as long as 2 weeks after recovery. " (From the CDC website Illness is spread when a few of these viruses accidentally get into someone else's mouth. How long are you contagious with stomach flu?

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