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How long do you throw up when you have the flu?

Gastroenteritis may last for 1 to 10 days, however, most episodes last from 1-3 days! Thanks for asking ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Lorette Reply:

    The stool and vomit are the most infectious. If someone has the stomach flu and they touch something that you have touched, then you are susceptible. People Source:

  2. Colleen Reply:

    Jan 24, 2011 wikiHow – The How-to Manual That You Can Edit The longer you hold it in, the longer you’re going to be sick. Get a quick shower and put some lounging around clothes back on. Don’t worry about looking good, but cleaning up will make you feel better and you won’t have to put up with the smells.

  3. Ginger Reply:

    With stomach viruses, you can be contagious from the moment you feel ill until anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks after you recover. Source:

  4. Lilly Reply:

    The feeling you get from being high on nutmeg is flu-like. The nausea and aches and misery you’ll suffer? Yuck, don’t do it. Source:

  5. Sharyl Reply:

    Vomiting or vemesis is the body’s reflex defense mechanism. An oral expulsion of stomach contents, it gets rid of the residue in the fight your body is waging with an invader, such as the influenza virus. By removing toxic or harmful substa… Source:

  6. Lashaunda Reply:

    is it possible to not throw up when you have the people with a stomach virus stomach flu? so i’ve lately been around a couple and for about three days now i’ve been really nau

  7. Misha Reply:

    Make sure he is still going pee! Thats usually the best way to tell if he needs fluids! Also try to give him some saltine crackers, and pedialyte or water! You know he will throw it up, but better some fluids get into his system then none, and the crackers will help to reduce the stomach acid when he does throw up!

  8. Leoma Reply:

    Having a single one of these symptoms does not mean you have the new flu, and , not waking up or not interacting;; being so irritable that the child doesn't want to when you cough and sneeze and then immediately throw the tissue away. Flu virus can live for approximately two hours on hard surfaces, perhaps longer

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