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How long does it take to catch a stomach bug from someone who has it?

Symptoms of the flu usually develop suddenly, about three days after being exposed to the virus! They include fever (MORE) Any Suggestions here?


  1. peter paul poo Reply:

    boys oh boys do i every have the poo poos

  2. Cira Reply:

    If someone has the stomach flu and they touch something that you have touched, then you are susceptible. People are more likely to get the stomach flu in the winter months, but it can pop up any time of the year. Household cleaners How to Take Care of a Stomach Flu How Long Does the Stomach Flu Last in Babies ? Source:

  3. Josphine Reply:

    How does a person catch a Stomach Virus? How long does a Stomach Virus last for.what can they take to get it under control. 3 years ago

  4. Ula Reply:

    You totally could still catch it. The first 24 hrs it’s in your body you won’t even feel it. Then youl be hit by a WAve of t and it’s goingto suck. There is a high possibility tha you could get it but you could also wear a mask or gloves or… Source:

  5. Tomoko Reply:

    Take those packets of vitamin C- the ones thousands of mg. Since C is water soluble you can take as much of it as you want and your body will flush out the excess causing no harm to you, and raising your immune system. Also carry hand sanit… Source:

  6. Susann Reply:

    The sick person should wash their hands frequently, obviously after they throw up and after they use the bathroom otherwise. Since its often hard to control the actions of another person, wash your own hands frequently – especially after yo… Source:

  7. Soo Reply:

    Will i catch the stomach bug at all today. they were out at a? my little 5 year old 11pm. i wasnt sharing anything with step sister got sick at her or eating around her rest

  8. Illa Reply:

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  9. Sonya Reply:

    You can get a stomach virus by hanging a round a person who already has one . How long does it take to get the symptoms of stomach flu And my girlfriend

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