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How long does it take to show signs of herpes?

Herpes sores may appear 4-7 days after a person is first infected! Flu-like symptoms may also follow the initial infection! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Dayna Reply:

    sore to appear. But not everyone exposed to herpes develops cold serves. How Long Does it Take to Develop a Cold After Exposure? The "common cold" is Source:

  2. Lashonda Reply:

    Herpes sores may appear 4-7 days after a person is first infected. Flu-like symptoms may also follow the initial infection.

  3. Hortencia Reply:

    Look at your genitals with a mirror. The herpes virus will generally look like a small cluster of blisters or bumps in the genital area. Watch for extreme itching in the area. It can range from the penile or vaginal area to the anus. This w… Source:

  4. Fae Reply:

    The most common sign of a genital herpes outbreak is small painful blisters that erupt in the genital area or anal area. The blisters rupture and crust over, then fade away without scarring. For more information look here: http://www.edcp.o… Source:

  5. Melody Reply:

    The most obvious symptoms of herpes are most pronounced during the first outbreak, which usually occurs within 2 weeks after infection with the virus. These symptoms can include a cluster of small fluid-filled blisters and sores that crust…. Source:

  6. Celestine Reply:

    Do I show signs of herpes? I had a one night, I have a few small stand with oral, and the condom broke. It was two weeks ago bumps on the underside of my penis, but they have

  7. Roxann Reply:

    She can if she shared a drink with some one that gets cold sores (can be caused by oral herpes)! But she would have to take a drink with in seconds of the other person taking a drink! There would be a better chance if she kissed the person while they had an out break of cold sores! Cold sores are often invisible, one could have an out break a long time a go then never have one again!Any type of herpes usually takes between 2-14 days to show symptoms, but it could take longer then that because your immune system can suppress the virus for months even years after contracting it!Virgins can get cold sores too, all it takes is to kiss some one that has cold sores! You dont have to have sex to get cold sores!

  8. Libbie Reply:

    When do signs of herpes appear? Signs of herpes usually appear within 2 weeks from infection. How long does it take for herpes symptoms to appear?

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