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How long does the flu normally last?

Flu symptoms usually last 3 to 7 days! They often start improving gradually after the first 2 days or so! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Katlyn Reply:

    Symptoms of the stomach flu will typically last the length of the illness, gradually lessening as your body heals How Long Does the Flu Virus Last on Surfaces? Source:

  2. Pennie Reply:

    The flu will normally last 5-7 days depending the severity. You’ll recover faster if you eat right and get plenty of rest.

  3. Dottie Reply:

    The flu normally lasts anywhere from 24 hours to days, possibly weeks. Depending on your health condition prior to getting the flue may effect how long the flu will last. If you’re healthy and your immune system is strong then normally with… Source:

  4. Kathi Reply:

    The stomach flu can last anywhere from 24 hours to a few days. Each person is different. Depending on how healthy you are prior to getting the stomach flu will also factor in how long it will take for you to fight it off. Source:

  5. Kecia Reply:

    The flu lasts, on average, from 5-10 days, but my last longer for some people. If you have a cough or fever that worsens call your doctor to make sure that you are not developing a secondary infection. Source:

  6. Blythe Reply:

    how long does the stomache flu or flu take to kick echinacea prevent it? i got sick last december in? and can vitamin c and and was sick up until about a month ago. so that wa

  7. Lucina Reply:

    in your case, since you have a moderate case, it will last 7-9 days!

  8. Rosena Reply:

    How long do flu symptoms last? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: "Uncomplicated influenza illness typically resolves after 3-7 days

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