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How long does the flu usually last?

If you are healthy and suffer from an uncomplicated influenza attack, influenza illness starts to resolve after a limited MORE?? Any Suggestions here?


  1. Rema Reply:

    Symptoms of the stomach flu will typically last the length of the illness, gradually lessening as your body heals How Long Does the Flu Virus Last on Surfaces? Source:

  2. Carolin Reply:

    The stomach flu can last anywhere from 24 hours to a few days. Each person is different. Depending on how healthy you are prior to getting the stomach flu will also factor in how long it will take for you to fight it off. Source:

  3. Vella Reply:

    A flu shot vaccination will last you about one year. This is why you have to get a new flu shot every year in order to keep from getting the flu. Source:

  4. Kendra Reply:

    For most people the flu can last anywhere from 5-10 days, but symptoms can persist even longer for some people. If you have a flu symptoms call your doctor, or if your cough or fever worsens seek medical attention. Source:

  5. Shelly Reply:

    how long does the stomache flu or flu take to kick echinacea prevent it? i got sick last december in? and can vitamin c and and was sick up until about a month ago. so that wa

  6. Evelia Reply:

    the flu can last anywhere from 24 hours to half a month! and as for going to the doctor, theres nothing you can really do for a flu anyway but ride it out!!!just be sure to keep yourself very hydrated!!!try to sip on broth as well!!!i recommend vegetable broth as it keeps your magnesium levels normal which is good for your heart!!!the last thing you want is strain on your heart from a mineral deficiency as with a flu your heart is already beating at a fast rate as it is!the only thing that concerns me is your coughing!!!!that is not normally a sign of the flu, although its possible!i think you should see a doctor! i have no insurance either, and when i am sick i go to the regional health clinic!!!every county in america has one! prices range up to $25 dollars, and some states even free and all you need to do is tell them you have no job!you dont want what you think is the flu ending up being a more serious infection! untreated infection can spread into your blood!

  7. Katelyn Reply:

    How long do flu symptoms last? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: "Uncomplicated influenza illness typically resolves after 3-7 days

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