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How many people have the bird flu?

There are currently no reported cases of Avian influenza viruses in the United States according to the Center for Disease Control! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Beulah Reply:

    Bird flu is a serious virus that commonly affects birds. However, there have been a number of human infections in recent years. And many people are interested Source:

  2. Kallie Reply:

    I think about 300, am i correct ? Ya, only off by 8,300 or so. As of November 25, 2009 (2009 -11-25) [update] , there are 8,651 confirmed deaths worldwide. World health experts have tossed out death estimates from a potential bird flu pande

  3. Norah Reply:

    The bird flu is a type of influenza and just like the regular flu you can catch it by breathing on each other. For a human to catch bird flu from a bird, it usually is when they come in direct contact with the infected bird, their feces or … Source:

  4. Karry Reply:

    The bird flu is caused by Type A influenza which is similar to the H5N1 virus. If you think you have the bird flu please see your doctor as soon as you can. Source:

  5. Mollie Reply:

    Here are some safety tips to prevent Bird Flu. When you are dealing with poultry of any kind after you are done make sure you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water give it a good lather for about twenty minutes. Make sure your chic… Source:

  6. Danelle Reply:

    since people are freaking out over the swine flu how do if the bird flu? spread from human to human you think people would react (sorry could not fit everything on the first l

  7. Gwyn Reply:

    Dont know the exact count now, but it is less than 300 worldwide! So, yeah, the bird flu scare is way overblown!

  8. Kandace Reply:

    How many people have died of bird flu? Improve. In: Conditions and Diseases, Cold and Flu, Infectious Diseases, Bird Flu categories]

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