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How quickly can you catch the flu?

Catching the flu from another person can take anywhere from 1-7 days depending on the strain and your immune system! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Jesusa Reply:

    How Can You Catch the Stomach Flu? The routine always seems the same: a sudden outbreak, just about everyone gets it and then it is gone as fast as it Source:

  2. Guillermina Reply:

    But people in every age group — including teens — can catch it. Top Things to Know About the Flu Although you may feel yucky if you get the Flu epidemics often start in schools and then move quickly through a community as students

  3. Steven Reply:

    Catch swine flu directly from infected pigs. Swine flu is a respiratory disease of pigs caused by type A influenza viruses. Swine flu outbreaks occur regularly amongst pigs, and it is typically transmitted directly from infected pigs to peo… Source:

  4. Maryetta Reply:

    Although there are a few cases of human to human transmission of bird flu, most cases come from infected poultry or poultry feces. You cannot get bird flu by eating poultry or eggs. Cooking kills the virus. Source:

  5. Beckie Reply:

    Influenza, including the swine flue and bird flu, are viruses that are spread through tiny droplets that become airborne by infected individuals. It also can be spread through contact with the surfaces that have been infected with these dro… Source:

  6. Gail Reply:

    I catch colds/flu easily but get over them or weak? I get a cold about very quickly. Is my immune system strong four times a year, and they are usually intense. But the durati

  7. Shanon Reply:

    If she is living in the same house as your son then there is a risk she could catch it, yes! Try and encourage your son to stay in his room as much as possible, change towels and wipe down surfaces regularly like you are doing! Make sure you all keep washing your hands too! If your daughter does get swine flu, as she has medical risk factors she should definitely take Tamiflu too! With regards to her poorly managed diabetes, you MUST get this sorted! If your GP is struggling to control it then he needs to refer her to a diabetic clinic! Poorly controlled diabetes is a major health risk factor! The incubation period for this virus is generally 24-48 hours but can in some cases be up to 7 days!

  8. Nakesha Reply:

    Yes, you can get the flu more than once but there are so many flu viruses and each of them can mutate to slightly different forms quickly that even though you

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