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How to get rid of the flu?

Cough syrups and Decongestants work best! Thanks for asking !! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Clarisa Reply:

    How to Successfully Get Rid of The Flu as Fast as Possible. Have your kids caught the flu recently and you just want it gone? Here are a few ways to make that Source:

  2. Mary Reply:

    Well to get rid of the flu, there are no medicines that you can take to actually get rid of it. The medicines they have just help with the symptoms. Try Thera-Flu.

  3. Sheilah Reply:

    Being sick with the flu is miserable but there are some things you can do to get over it faster so you can get back on your feet.Here is a list of things you can do… Drink lots of fluids- you need to stay hydrated while you are sick espec… Source:

  4. Sadye Reply:

    Cats can become infected with viral and bacterial illnesses that cause cold and flu-like symptoms. A cat that is suffering from the flu might have symptoms such as a fever, nasal congestion, watery eyes, sneezing and coughing. These very co… Source:

  5. Pat Reply:

    The stomach flu or intestinal flu is caused by a virus, and sufferers deal with a variety of uncomfortable symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain and fever. Symptoms generally appear one to two days after being infected with the … Source:

  6. Emma Reply:

    Has PETA bribed the United Nations scares, bird flu, swine flu, goat flu? European countries are now killing into all the animal flu thousands of goats because of “goat flu” W

  7. Angelita Reply:

    Awwe, well the best thing for the stomach flu is to not eat much at all so your stomach doesnt have a reason to throw anything up! you wanna stay light on food, or try! i know it will be hard but you need to try and the stomach flu has to run its course! but the BEST thing to do is take a Tums a half hour-1 hour before you eat anything! it SHOULD help, but no guarentees! Just try not to do too much activity and relax! Dont jump around and dont do anything that will make your stomach any more irritated! Like i said it will need to run its course, probably for about a week to 2 weeks max! When my mother had it, she only had it for a week then it passed! Its a terrible feeling, its like your stomach is turning and you feel constant cramps/pain in your stomach and its very uncomfortable! It will all be over soon, and once its over dont go eating everything right away! Just because you think its over doesnt mean it really is!I hope you feel better soon 3

  8. Shawanda Reply:

    It is impossible to get rid of a flu or cold just keep on drinking fluids and moisturize your nose a lot because when you blow your nose and use a tissue your nose

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