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I feel a cold coming on, how can i stop it?

Cold and flu remedies can usually ease symptoms! You may try Tylenol Cold & Sinus or other decongestants!!!They work for me! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Camilla Reply:

    Cold sores never happen at a good time, but they do seem to happen during times However, when you feel a cold sore coming on you can stop it with aspirin. Source:

  2. Kenneth Reply:

    gargle with oxygen peroxide and listerine. you usually get the infection in the throat and it goes to the lungs. stop it at the throat

  3. Robert Reply:

    Keep doing what your doing. You can’t really stop a cold from coming as it is a virus and you can’t really do anything for a virus (like antibiotics, they only work on bacterial infections). The best thing to do is drink plenty of water to … Source:

  4. Andrew Reply:

    Draft stoppers are a good way to block the breeze slipping under your doors. Snake-like draft stoppers, filled with sand, beans or grain are an old standard. You can easily make a double draft blocker that fits on both sides of the door and… Source:

  5. Ashly Reply:

    Homeopathy – The first line of defense when trying to fight an oncoming cold is a homeopathic cold/flu remedy. I like Alpha CF by Boericke & Tafel. Please consult a naturopathic doctor regarding the right brand for you and proper dosage. Yo… Source:

  6. Luana Reply:

    I can feel a cold coming a sore throat and im in a house with two on and I have to cold before it gets too sing on friday – how can I stop the bad? Well right now I have sick

  7. Rosaline Reply:

    250mg of paracetamol every 4 hours! I do it almost every year, or when I feel a sickness coming, someone told me years ago about it, and it works a treat! 3 years, and no cold yet!

  8. Rana Reply:

    If you feel a cold coming on is there any way to prevent it or is it already too late and it just has to run its course? Improve. In: Cold and Flu categories]

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