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If a dog has a virus can a human catch it from the dog? If a dog has a virus can a human catch it from the dog?

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  1. Bianca Reply:

    Dogs, like their human companions, can contract viral infections that cause coldlike symptoms. Providing your pet with the rest and the nutritional support to get over the cold is the best care you can How to Tell If My Lab Puppy Has a Cold Source:

  2. Aliza Reply:

    I cannot locate any virus that can be spread from humans to dogs. There are infections that can be spread from dogs to humans. Source:

  3. Tabetha Reply:

    It is possible for humans to get intestinal worms from your dog, if you come in contact with their feces. Source:

  4. Dimple Reply:

    Dogs contract heartworm from mosquitoes. It is not possible for dogs to transfer heartworm to humans. Source:

  5. Clementina Reply:

    Can a human catch a stomach their dog? My chihuahua has been throwing virus or any illness from up for two days. Now I’m sick. Is this just a coincidence?

  6. Cassi Reply:

    1! No! Dogs can get sick from other dogs and humans get sick from other humans, but the strain of virus that gets humans sick is different from ones that attack dogs! So hug and cuddle with your dog as much as you want when your sick, they will not catch a cold from you! This is not breed specific, but for all dogs! If you are still unsure, call up your veterinarians office and the staff with say the same thing!2! Anything can get electricuted and curious puppies are known to get a shock when chewing on cords! As for active wires in water, yes! Both the metal bowl and the water can and will conduct electricity, so I would highly suggest moving your dogs food and water bowl and moving them from thier current location! However, just having the bowls next to a tv or anything electric will not cause hard, just if anything with a live current (like a live wire) hits or goes into the bowl, you will have a major problem!

  7. Gwyneth Reply:

    Dogs do get colds and ailments similar to influenza; those sicknesses can't be transmitted What should I do if I suspect my pet has 2009 H1N1 influenza virus ?

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