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If my stomach hurts and I feel like I’m gonna throw up?

Crazy Kim Kardashian Any Suggestions here?


  1. Leesa Reply:

    If you know from past experience that this won't work, you might have to go to Decide what your fake ailments are going to be in advance. Tell them your throat is scratchy and sore, you feel dizzy or your stomach hurts. about stomach symptoms, tell your parents you just threw up or had diarrhea. You May Also Like Source:

  2. Jean Reply:

    Share what it feels like when your IBS is acting up and find out what IBS pain with dizziness, just feel awful like I am gonna crawl out of my skin or have a heart attack, horrible. If I am on my feet while one of the thrashing cramps happen, I collapse. My pain is in the middle of my stomach, and it feels like someone is

  3. Carolina Reply:

    No, my stomach hurts pretty bad right now but I could be sick or just something like a stomach ache. But that doesn’t necessarily mean your pregnant. Source:

  4. Lara Reply:

    The scary movie could have given you some sort of anxiety which could cause your stomach to feel like you were gonna be sick. Source:'m-gonna-throw-up

  5. Lorriane Reply:

    2 Peel a small piece of ginger and slowly chew the root, swallowing the medicinal juices. Ginger has been used in natural ..more? Source:'m-gonna-throw-up-besides-yogurt

  6. Angelic Reply:

    Okay Im 17 and a female my friends and i get. whenever i drink my stomach makes me wanted to throw hurts really bad and it up? I don’t even like drinking but when together som

  7. Summer Reply:

    It could be mono, considering your symptoms!

  8. Maris Reply:

    No, my stomach hurts pretty bad right now but I could be sick or just something like a Does it mean im pregnant when you feel like im going to throw up? No.

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