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Is dry throat a symptom of infection?

A dry throat is a symptom of many conditions, !!! For a dry throat resulting from a viral infection such as a cold or flu! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Elinore Reply:

    A dry throat is a symptom of many conditions, most of which are common and Other causes of throat discomfort include bacterial infections like strep or Source:

  2. Cherelle Reply:

    A true streptococcal infection of the throat often leads to excruciating throat pain . Symptoms of dry mouth include a sticky, dry feeling in the mouth, frequent

  3. Emilie Reply:

    If you have strep throatinfection, you will have a red and painful sore throatand may have white patches on your tonsils. Source:

  4. Anh Reply:

    Some symptoms of a throat infection are throat pain, difficulty swallowing, red and swollen tonsils. Source:

  5. Joe Reply:

    A sore throat (known as pharyngitis or tonsillitis) is a symptom of a disease affecting the pharynx or the area around the tonsils Source:

  6. Toshia Reply:

    Is Dry throat a symptom of and kind of had a Salmonilla? I woke up this morning dry throat, I live in LA county. And yesterday (Monday) I ate 3 tomatoes. I am worried, the dry

  7. Genevive Reply:

    Your doctor who has seen you and examined you does not know what this is and has ordered a CAT scan! You are hoping someone can diagnose you sight unseen?? And you think that information will be reliable?? I hope no one offers to sell you a bridge or beachfront property in Florida!However, you might try boiling water in a bowl, placing a bath towel over your head and inhaling the steam as well as drinking lots of fluids!

  8. Joanne Reply:

    A chronic sore throat lasts much longer and is a symptom of an unresolved In addition to a sore throat, symptoms that accompany an adenovirus infection include Dry air, like that in airplanes or from forced hot air furnaces, can make the

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