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Is it bad for pregnant women to get the flu?

Pregnant women should avoid getting the flu, as it could lead to complications! It’s advised to get a flu shot if you’re pregnant Any Suggestions here?


  1. Carmen Reply:

    How to Get Rid of a Bad Cold While Pregnant. Therefore, pregnant women should take greater care in treating the cold Colds and Flu During Pregnancy Source:

  2. Coretta Reply:

    Not bad for the baby, just miserable for you. Being pregnant can be uncomfortable enough; having the flu is a double whammy. Best thing you can do is make sure you take good care of yourself. Drink lots of fluids (you don’t want to get dehy

  3. Eufemia Reply:

    They get it like anyone does through respiratory droplets from coughs or sneezes and direct skin to skin contact with an infected person or indirectly by picking up viruses from surfaces and items that infected people have touched leaving t… Source:

  4. Alona Reply:

    pregnant womentechnically aren’t as physically stable as a non-pregnant women (and obviously men cause they can’t get pregnant) so pregnant women are more vulnerable to the swine flu Source:

  5. Letisha Reply:

    The H1N1 virus affects pregnant women more readily because their immune system is less strong and they are more vulnerable. Source:

  6. Avis Reply:

    I have looked at Fluzone multi dose, Fluarix, and fluviril and none have been deemed safe for pregnant women.

  7. Niki Reply:

    I am 26 weeks pregnant and I got the vaccine on Friday! I read all over that they are very careful to do all the necessary checks before approving the vaccine! I havent had any problems with the shot and my baby seems to be kicking just as usual! It really is the same as the seasonal flu vaccine just with the h1n1 strain instead of the seasonal strain! I read about possible side effects to the baby if you need to be given Tamiflu from getting h1n1 flu and it seems much worse than the vaccine! Right now 1 in 3 pregnant women have died from it, so I just thought why risk dying when there is a vaccine that has been approved and recommended by the CDC! I think its the best option!

  8. Dale Reply:

    Swine Flu has the potential to get worse than it currently is, but we cross that mostly those with underlying chronic medical conditions or pregnant women.

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