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Is it bad to workout when your sick?

If you think you’re coming down with a cold or the flu you should probably skip your daily workout! Rest and fluids are best when you are sick! When you start to feel better go for walks to start then back into your workout routine! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Petronila Reply:

    Do not work out hard for at least a couple of weeks if you're really sick. . We often consider the act of gaining weight as the result of bad eating habits and a lack Source:

  2. Twanna Reply:

    Yeah probably. You’re body needs the energy to fight off the illness. Just better rest now and workout when you start to feel better. Besides, how good of a workout are you gonna get with broncitious? Sheesh, just go get some rest and you’l

  3. Cori Reply:

    Keep your gym bag clean. You might be horrified to learn how many germs get all over your gym bag — inside and out. Wear shower shoes like flip-flops if you use showers. Nasty fungus infections can lurk on the shower floors. When you’re do… Source:

  4. Thuy Reply:

    Avoid eating a heavy meal before a workout.Avoid high-fat foods-these take longer to digest and may cause stomach upset. Instead, reach for a light, low-fat, high-carbohydrate snack that will help boost energy. Always allow enough time (two… Source:

  5. Gail Reply:

    1. Drink lots of water: Start drinking lots of water. Nothing makes you feel better faster than being hydrated. I have been drinking 64oz of water a day for the past day or two and my energy level has gone up. This alone will get you starte… Source:

  6. Tommie Reply:

    Like just a cold, not extremely sick.

  7. Meda Reply:

    First of all I should say that Im not yet qualified so this doesnt constitute official health advice *but* :-) talking in general terms and understanding that its been a while since Ive reviewed this area:It depends firstly what you mean by sick! If by sick you mean infection/flu/pneumonia type problems with coughing, sneezing, fever etc then you should probably take a break from training until you have recovered as there are risks of some very serious complications! For example people exercising with respiratory tract infections can end up with infection spreading deeper into the lungs, and sometimes, by spread in the blood, you can even develop myocarditis (inflammation of your heart muscle due to viruses, bacteria, or toxins reaching it – this can be extremely serious even fatal)!I wouldnt get yourself in a panic about it! The odds are vastly against these kind of problems!!!*but* Id avoid doing exercise, especially cardiovascular exercise for a few days until your better if I were you! And treadmill would be likely worse than weights! If I were you Id follow the general line most PTs will tell their athletes: Dont train when youre ill!There are some conditions where you *should* exercise! Typically theyre not infective ones! More likely to be things like following heart attacks, angina, (and numerous others) in these conditions you should continue your exercise (strictly adhering to any instructions your doctor has given you re stopping when you feel pain and taking GTN if necessary etc)!Anyway thats my opinion on the matter and as I said it doesnt constitute medical advice :-)

  8. Cammy Reply:

    Jan 30, 2005 If you’re sick and you hit the gym instead of rest, you may be inviting germs to an cells and components to engulf, detoxify, and disassemble bad guys. feel sick and need to rest — a hard workout could impair your immune

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