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Is that bad? I am cold but I am sweating?

Depending on what you consider bad, your period being late may or may not be bad! It could mean pregnancy, or cysts in your ovaries! In simpler cases, it could simply mean you have an irregular period, which is normal! If this has never happened to you, it is recommended that you see a doctor for appropriate treatment and accurate diagnosis! Thank you for asking ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Sana Reply:

    Why Do I Get Chills When I Am Not Cold? than normal; this often results in getting chills all over the body, but the person might be sweating at the same time . Source:

  2. Jewel Reply:

    Came back positive on all passes for Lyme disease which is bad bad bad. . I’m still kind of cold when I fall asleep, but a few hours later, I’ll wake up soaking in

  3. Nana Reply:

    Feeling cold could be a result of many things including your location and what type of home you live in (old and drafty or new and properly insulated). Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather and if you live in a drafty home try to i… Source:

  4. Leeanne Reply:

    You could be cold if you’re living in Alaska. Other than that, you may have poor circulation or anemia. You could have a low Iron count. This will make you feel cold all of the time. Seek help from a doctor for a diagnosis! Source:

  5. Pearlie Reply:

    The perception of having a low temperature is what causes you to feel cold. This could be due to you actually having a low temperature, to remedy this try wearing more cloths or turning on a heater. Source:

  6. Detra Reply:

    Can sweating and going into aircondition the heat into the AC cause you to get a around the house and was bad chest cold? I was sweating doing work going in and out from and n

  7. Trish Reply:

    The sweats are probably caused by frequent breaks of a low-grade fever!Since weekend is upon us, try these things for comfort:Mucinex-D, best anticongestive on the marketLots and lots of fluids, whether youre thirsty or notInhale steam (hot shower, steaming cup, even a dishwasher that just finished)Humidify the room where youre spending the most timeTylenol or Motrin/ibuprofen at the recommended dosage, all your waking hoursHot liquids (tea, clear soups) and/or spicy foods (which break up mucus)Afrin nasal spray, if your nose is blockedThese alone will see you through the worst period of a bad cold! It sounds to me like thats all youve got, and theres little a doctor could do for you!Feel better soon!

  8. Felecia Reply:

    I confirm that I am at least 13 years of age. Coronaviruses (about 20%), but there are more than 200 viruses that can cause the common cold. . It is usually because you have a fever, and the way the body deals with a fever is by sweating to cool itself by evaporation,. What do you take for a bad cough mostly at night?

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